Ontology MApping FRAmework Toolkit allows to create semantic relations between two (source and target) ontologies, and apply such relations in translating source ontology instances into target ontology instances.

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What is ontology mapping?

Ontology mapping is the process whereby semantic relations are defined between two ontologies at conceptual level which in turn are applied at data level transforming source ontology instances into target ontology instances. Ontology mapping faces new challenges in the context of Semantic Web, especially concerning heterogeneity, dynamics, distribution and limitations on representation technology. The MAFRA Mapping FRAmework is a conceptual description of the ontology mapping process, in which its phases are identified and described.

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System Architecture

MAFRA Toolkit implements a specific architecture for MAFRA. The architecture of the system is based on the notion of Service which represents not only the system transformation capabilities, but also the expertise in the manipulation of specific semantic relations. In fact, the overall ontology mapping process depends on both the ontologies contents and the transformations available in the system.

Independent transformation modules called Services provide their specific know-how to the MAFRA Core Modules, through the MAFRA Service Interface API.

Services are responsible for many different tasks in the ontology mapping process: Similarity Measure, Automatic Bridging, Validation, Transformation, Negotiation and Evolution.

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Graphical User-Interface

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Supporting and Used Technologies


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Here are some projects where MAFRA Toolkit has been or is being applied.

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Knowledge Engineering and Decision Support Research Group
Polytechnic Institute of Porto
Porto - Portugal

Research Center for Information Technologies
Karlsruhe - Germany

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